The RaveCore sound is hard, progressive, trance, acid, hard house, industrial, ambient and minimal.  Originally started in 1996 through out the years progressively getting darker…  Ravecore was an experiment into the types of sounds created by external influences and how it changes based on these physical/spiritual/mental changes.

The Music

RaveCore Music collection is over 1000 songs and 20 genres of electronic music that span over 25 years of production.  In order to keep the style and stay true to the underground style.


An experiment in sound that started 1996 with the online mod music scene. later expanding in 1997 to a demand for RaveCore Music in the underground electronic music scene and video game music.  in 1999 we partnered with So-Real Records out of Las Vegas/Italy.  Gathering other kindred spirits RaveCore grew from 1 to 12 artists. Began playing parties around the US/Canada/Europe.